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String flat, Freshwater Pearl AB, bronze (dyed), 06 x 15mm
Product number 141841202213
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String flat, Freshwater Pearl AB, bronze (dyed), 06 x 15mm

Pearls - the classics of jewelry design!

Pearls are an absolute classic in jewelry design. They are suited both for classic-sophisticated designs as well as for fashionable combinations with decorative crystals and silver spacers. Strings of small pearls are also ideal for necklaces of several rows and for bracelets.

There exist huge price differences especially in the field of fresh water cultivated pearls. Similar size pearls may vary by several hundred per cent in price because of variations in their lustre (surface brilliance) and surface composition. We have selected only very good pearls for you, which will raise the value of any piece of jewelry.

The Chili Creative® fresh water cultivated pearls unite several advantages: interesting shapes, large pearls without an artificial nucleus, and high quality at a very good price.

All strings shown here are 36 to 40cm long and have been strung for transport. We recommend always substituting the thread used for transport with a suitable quality string or similar.

Pearls of AB-Quality
Size: appr. 6 x 15mm