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Pendulums & One Hand Rod

One-hand rods, tensors, pendulums - browse through our small gemstone helpers for decision making at wholesale prices!

The history of commuting can be traced back over 4000 years. A pendulum of precious stone is an ideal tool, whatever you want to use a pendulum - for divination, as a guide or decision-making aid or to answer the answer to a burning question. For the various
Living areas are suspended in twelve different stone types, e.g. Rosenqzuarz for questions around the love, available.

One-hand rods are a proven tool for detecting energy fields and disturbances. With their help, it is possible to concretize presentiments, vibrations and impressions locally. In stone medicine, tensors are often used to find the right stone for a specific situation or for a person. In order to find the right gem at the beginning of a wellness treatment, in the consultation or for an appreciated person, the Lapis Vitalis® single-handed rods are ideally suited.