Lapis Vitalis Incense Set "CLEAN UP / Raum Rein";

Lapis Vitalis Incense Set "CLEAN UP / Raum Rein"

Besides cleaning room floors and objects with the Lapis Vitalis cleansing lotion it is highly recommended to regularily cleanse and refresh rooms with the help of incense. We specially created a fine mix of several types of frankincense, cedar and Himalaya crystal salt. The smoke from our special mix of incense is highly cleansing and energizing and helps to revive depressed rooms such as treatment- or seminarrooms after difficult sessions, selling rooms etc.
The incense set consists of 30 grams of Lapis Vitalis incense mix, 10 pc of self-lighting charcoal tablets, copper dosage spoon, incense bowl made from soapstone, sand and a booklet in German by Michael Gienger about the cleansing of stones.

Product number 1730100001
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