Pendant Chakra Crystal, 5,0cm, Brass silver plated;

Pendant Chakra Crystal, 5,0cm, Brass silver plated

This pendant shows 7 Chakra stones, set in Brass silver plated and placed on a double - terminated polished rock crystal point. From top to bottom the gemstones are: White labradorite, amethyst, iolite, peridot, citrine (heated), carnelian (heated), garnet.

The word 'chakra' comes from Sanskrit and means 'wheel'. After the Indian medicine every human has seven main chakras, which constantly record subtle energy - positive and negative - and also re-radiate. The chakras are located along the vertical axis at the front center of the body.

The chakras are addressed by the respective matching stone.

Size approx 5cm

Product number 242002110043
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