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Faceted Gemstones - Jewelry Trend!


Jewelry by Chili Jewels® stands for individuality and craftsmanship

Marco Schreier has been busy with stones and design for over 35 years. It has never become boring - why?

Because hardly anything expresses more individuality and uniqueness than a particular gemstone with all its unique characteristics. Interesting pattern, exotic origins, rarity and a special beauty characterize the most precious exponents of the mineral world –  and this fascination for the uniqueness is his inspiration for the design of the Chili Jewels® collection.

Many people are involved the development of such a unique piece of Chili Jewels® jewelry: miners and collectors discover the wonderful minerals and gemstones, our partners in the grinding centers across the world bring to life the often hidden beauty of the rough stones. Our design team in the baroque town of Ludwigsburg then finds the forms which give the loose gemstones a suitable setting and our craftsmen in Bali then bring together everything and create the finished piece of jewelry.

We invite you to share the enthusiasm that the entire Chili Jewels® team has, when they create the pieces, with us - always in the hope that in the end they can be part of a very special moment when giving real happiness.