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Gem Balance - Seven Themes

Beauty is an expression of well-being, feeling the joy of life and inner harmony. Therefore massages and wellness treatments can actually make one „beautiful“, bringing an authentic inner beauty to light. Gem Balance is a holistic massage concept for wellness and cosmetic treatments with gemstones, fragrances and sound. It is used in wellness, beauty treatments and therapy.

It was developed based on the decade-long experience of the holistic natural cosmetician and wellness expert Monika Grundmann. Elements from shiatsu, reflex zone massage, crystal healing according to Michael Gienger and other proven methods unite in Gem Balance in a fascinating system for physical and emotional well-being. Information about the work of Monika Grundmann and a list of all her seminars can be found at www.edelstein-balance.com

In the many years of experience with Gem Balance, seven different forms and treatments have been established. Each of these forms is available either as a single kind of crystal (e.g. the Phoenix Wings) or as a mix (e.g. the water crystals).