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Strings of Gemstone Beads

Browse our current range of gemstone strands! Our wholesale assortment is sorted by three criteria:

+ If only one single string is availble that is really unique, you‘ll find the more expensive stones like imperial topaz, boulder opal and blue tourmaline in the section „ Unique Stringed Beads“.

+ By the colour of the stringed beads under "Stringed Beadsby Colour": All strands in the colour worlds you know from our cataloge, e.g. light blue Larimar strings at "Into the Ocean" and clear rock crystal strings at "Ice World".

+ According to shapes of the stone elements under the categories of "Beads and Spheres" over "Drop Shapes" to "Crystals and Rough Stones"

All gemstone stringed beads have a length of appr. 38 – 40cm if no other mesurement is mentioned with the item.