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Gemstone Water

Browse here through our wholesale range of productions for preparing energetic gemstone water: the popular basic mixture with amethyst, rock crystal and rose quartz as a cheap set including instructions up to to the elegant VitaJuwel with diamonds as well as matching decanters. Our products allow you and your customers to produce gemstone water using various methods.

We offer the most popular minerals as water stones, e.g. blue lace agate (communication - ideal for the decanter on the conference table) or petrified wood (earthing - well suited for a relaxing glass between two appointments). Also in the program are proven mixtures on different topics, e.g. the athletic mixture for strength and suppleness.

Lapis Vitalis Tip:
The standard book on gemstone water by Michael Gienger and Joachim Göbel: "Gem Water" (Order No. 162607). The inexpensive pocket book explains the production and application of gemstone water and presents tried and tested minerals and mixtures.