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Styluses and Wands

Here you will find massage wands, styluses and sticks in more than 50 different types of minerals as well as the appropriate books and training for reflexology massages and acupressure applications as well as other treatment forms.

Depending on the desired use, various stones are available in our wholesale range for gemstone applications: gemstone styluses - developed by Ewald Kliegel, a well-known medical practitioner from Stuttgart - for working on the reflex zones, wands for accupressure treatments and longstones for deeper massages. Depending on the desired effect, e.g. clarifying, relaxing, activating or balancing, the appropriate massage stone, e.g. rock crystal, aventurine, red jasper or magnesite.

Lapis Vitalis Tip:
Let Ewald Kliegel introduce you to the application of the gemstones in a lecture! Mr. Kliegel is regularly working as a lecturer at the Akademie Lapis Vitalis (between Stuttgart and Heilbronn, on the site of the wholesale trade). Please contact us - we can arrange for you a lecture in English or French, too!