Pop-Up Display "Pendants Fossil Shark Teeth" large (18 boxes);

Pop-Up Display "Pendants Fossil Shark Teeth" large (18 boxes)

The petrified shark tooth is evidence of the frightening shark Otodus Obliquus which roamed the paleogene seas. Similar to rays, sharks also have a cartilage skeleton instead of a bone skeleton. Since these seldom petrified, completely preserved shark fossils are very rare - usually only the animal's teeth remained. Another reason for the teeth having been preserved so well is the way the teeth of a shark are replaced: Sharks produce countless teeth during their lives. When one tooth was worn away or simply fell out - which could easily be the case with their predatory lifestyle - it was immediately replaced by another tooth which was in place and ready right behind the old tooth. The teeth of the Otodus could reach the size of 5 cm!

Depending on the availability the pendants will be delivered with wire or cap version.

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Pop-Up Display "Pendants Fossil Shark Teeth" large (18 boxes)
Pop-Up Display "Pendants Fossil Shark Teeth" large (18 boxes)
Pendant with silver-coloured cap
Each pendant comes with a black ribbon within a box!